Who Told You Hamlet Was Hard?

Take a spin with us for Free! You can watch "Shakespeare's Histories" (or any of our "explainers") for no charge! -- We’re here for both the Shaky Shakes AND the Hardened Bards. If “thou” gives you a cow, or a “thee” makes you flee; If an iambic rhythm turns your meter to “stressed,” Walk five feet in our shoes and be less averse to the verse. If you love it already, but you want to get more, You’ll find inroads that you didn’t notice before. If previous efforts left you somewhat scarred, our Insights light up what passed under your “Bard-ar.” And if teaching of Avon is somehow your calling; We help you find ways to make it less appalling, And if half of your students are dizzy and reeling, We’ll maybe pry some of them down from the ceiling.



BREAKNECK JULIUS CAESAR: "Mooney hits the sweet spot and works each transition like a trained Tasmanian Devil in a toga. As an English teacher who tackles this wonderful bit of history and tragedy every spring, I was able to learn new tidbits and enjoy new nuances that I'll be sure to take back to my Alaskan classroom. Huzzah, Mr. Mooney, huzzah!"

Michael Shaeffer, HS English Teacher

MOLIÈRE THAN THOU: "I got nothing but very positive comments all day. Everyone who attended thoroughly loved your performance. I was amazed at how still and attentive our ADD kids were, too. I think they were spellbound... Your visit was one of the highlights of my teaching career.

Kathy Wilson, French Teacher, Melbourne Central Catholic HS

"I’ve enjoyed Timothy Mooney’s shows live for years. I can see a noticeable rise in enthusiasm after his visits. He’s like a sugar shot in our students’ young brains. They loved it – across the board – and seeing kids that excited about theatre is incredible. And they understood it. After attending his Zoom performance of 'Shakespeare’s Histories; Ten Epic Plays at Breakneck Pace,' I continue to be impressed with his ability to entertain and educate ‘students’ of all ages! I can’t wait to see more of his Zoom shows, and highly recommend his Zoom performances to all theatre students, educators, or anyone who wants to have a fun theatre experience without leaving the house."

Dr. Joe Kreizinger Chair, Department of Fine and Performing Arts, Northwest Missouri State University